Let's Talk About Self-Care

Unfortunately, the default setting for many of us is to care for others before we care for ourselves. When I mention self-care to my clients, they invariably say that it feels selfish to think of themselves before others. So, let’s be clear—self-care is definitely not a self-indu

Returning to Work and Working From Home

Returning to work after the Christmas and New Year break can be daunting for some of us, and isn't always easy. Even with the restrictions over the holiday period having reduced your options to celebrate or spend time with loved ones, you may still have had a pleasant break from

10 Tips for Developing Resilience

The connections you have with family members, friends, colleagues and others are important. When you accept help and support from those who listen to and care about you, it strengthens your resilience. In addition to making connections with those close to you, participating and i

Fed Up With Lockdown but Struggling to Adjust to the New Normal

Have you had enough of lockdown but find yourself struggling as it comes to a gradual end? Are you unsure of how safe you'll be? Don't worry, this is normal and it's unlikely you're turning into a recluse or someone who obsesses about the behaviour of those around you. You're sim

Steps to Achieving a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Do you feel like you're failing at work and at home? You're not alone. As organisations continue to demand more of their employees and technology brings the office into our homes, huge numbers of people are finding that their physical and mental wellbeing is the price they're pay

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